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Hi All,

We are trying to monitor & control multiple networks. done configuring cisco core as trunk port allowing particular vlans.

on genian side, done configuring as trunk port with sample IP below

# configure terminal
# interface eth0.1 address
# interface eth0.1 gateway
# interface eth0.1 vlan 1,10,15
# interface eth0.1 management-server enable
# interface eth0.1 node-server enable
# interface eth0.1 radius-server enable
# exit

But the problem is, after configuration, we can’t access nor ping the ip please help.



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In my Case network native VLAN. – Untagged VLAN network VLAN 60.- Tagged VLAN

You must distinguish between tagged VLAN and Untaged VLAN.

eth0.X interface. It is an interface that supports tagged VLAN.

eth0 interface supports untagged VLAN. (native VLAN)


interface FastEthernet1/0/8
switchport trunk enapsulation dot1q
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk native vlan 1



interface eth0.60 address
interface eth0.60 gateway
interface eth0 address
interface eth0 gateway
interface eth0 management-server enable
interface eth0 node-server enable
interface eth0 radius-server enable
interface eth0 vlan 60
interface wlan0 mode monitor

ip default-gateway

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