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1. Is there any port that genians network sensor use to communicate with genian policy console?
2. Does network sensor store any database/policy cache or pulled direct from genian console?
3. If network sensor store cache, how large the file being stored (estimated). If not how much bandwith will genian used?
4.For LDAP Authentication, does client authenticated directly to LDAP server through Genian or Genian stored local LDAP cache?

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2. Policies are created within the Policy Server and sent to the Network Sensor whereas the Network Sensor stores this in the cache.
The Policy Server and Network Sensor communicate often to update this Policy information
More on Understanding Genian NAC:
3. It is very small in size, normally 100 Kbyte or less, and is at most 1Mbyte or less
4. Genians provides two way for authentication of LDAP.
a. GNAC Agent checks the authentication information of LDAP in the PC.
If there is information, GNAC Agent transfers the information to the Policy Server.
Policy Server then authenticates the node.
b. The User has to be authenticated via Genian NAC authentication screen or pop-up
and then Genian NAC transfers the authentication information to LDAP.
If the authentication information is correct, LDAP transfers the approval packet to the Policy Server. If not, then LDAP transfers the un-approval packet.

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