Genians helps world’s largest shipbuilder become more secure

With Genians, the largest shipbuilding enterprise in the world now maintains consistent cybersecurity policy management, enforcement, remediation, and auditing to secure their internal network resources Background & Requirements The world’s largest shipbuilding company was experiencing challenges in viewing and controlling all aspects of their global enterprise network infrastructure. Even though the company had [...]

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Next Generation of NAC Capabilities

As the challenges identified above manifest themselves increasingly, NAC platforms will need to be highly responsive to marketplace dynamics and the overall threat landscape – and accordingly innovative as well. The essential characteristics required of NAC technology going forward is that it provides enterprises with the flexibility required for them to carry out their business [...]

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Why Still Network Access Control (NAC)?

Network-connected end devices remain a major cybersecurity point of vulnerability. Network Access Control (NAC) technology provides the ability to lock down network access in a way and to an extent that no other cyber defense product category does. Cyber threats in today’s enterprises are focused on multiple attack surfaces across the entire range of network-connected [...]

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What is Network Access Control?

One of the first business barometers you can use to see how important a technology solution is to your organization is demand. While there are exceptions, chances are that if the best practices of companies guide them to adoption of a certain IT product or service, or of transition to a new adoption model (such as [...]

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The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats are Coming from Inside

Whether your organization is a business or involved in government, one of the highest cost scenarios is when there is a security event that originates with an inside source like an employee or contractor. That’s because these people often have unfettered access to the most sensitive information while not being able to be properly tracked. [...]

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Staying Ahead of the IoT Security Curve With Reimaged NAC

The dramatic influx of IoT and other network-connected devices requires a radical new approach to management and security Download Now International Data Corp. forecasts that approximately 80 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020, up from 11 billion today. This flood of internet of things (IoT) is expected to transform [...]

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Resolving IP Conflicts and Manage IP Addresses Securely

If you manage a network, you know that sometimes things don’t always go smoothly when it comes to identifying devices. One such difficult, and somewhat common, scenario is needing to manage duplicate IP addresses. An IP conflict can happen for a variety of reasons. When it does, it can cause issues regarding worker productivity by [...]

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Prepare for GDPR By Fundamentally Enhancing Security Compliance with Network Access Control

Whether you’re managing IT for a small business just getting started or a major multinational corporation, there are two critical concerns that you have to meet: security and regulations. The two often go hand in hand, though security usually concerns itself with safeguarding your firm’s assets and customer information. Regulatory concerns are related to government [...]

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Protect Your Network by Identifying Rogue Access Point

Ask any kind of IT professional what their greatest challenge is and they will probably answer with “uncertainty.” Uncertainty can be caused by many things. Predicting employee behavior is nearly impossible. Often times, the biggest security vulnerabilities are caused by someone inside the firm who meant well, but implemented a solution without understanding the risks [...]

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Identifying Device Platforms Can Lower the Risk of Ransomware Attacks

It’s rare that situations that involve the IT community at large break through into mainstream consciousness. If you are a CIO, business owner, or network manager, every day brings challenges related to the integrity and security of your network. The general public doesn't usually hear about what happens every day in the world of IT. [...]

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