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Key Considerations for Network Access Control (NAC) Architecture in the IoT Era

RADIUS-based NAC vs Sensor-based NAC This article will focus on some of the Pros and Cons of central versus distributed architectures with respect to Network Access Control (NAC) solutions. During the decision making process when purchasing or implementing NAC solutions, the question of architecture is always at the forefront. Many factors come into consideration when [...]

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Security or Compliance? Security and Compliance!

As organizations continue to struggle to address the challenges posed by a constant barrage of cyber-breaches and attacks, one question in particular comes to the fore: How is it that so many breaches, including some very large incidents, have occurred in environments where compliance with various governmental and/or industry security regulations has been taken quite [...]

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Rethinking 802.1x

This article continues our series on “Multi-Layered Access Control,” which seeks to explore various approaches to network visibility and access control. While our last piece dealt with ARP-based strategies for securing endpoints, we now consider how the 802.1x protocol can be used as part of a broader, multi-faceted approach – offering operators a range of [...]

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Genians’ virtuous NAC triangle to secure the IoT era

In the current world of ever-increasing cyber threats, network managers face a common set of fundamental challenges on a daily basis. Keeping one’s network safe and secure from the very real and myriad cyber dangers that exist today requires that one possess several key capabilities: first, the ability to know exactly what devices are accessing [...]

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Secure your network by leveraging ARP

Even the most fledgling of network administrators are familiar with the ARP protocol and the role it plays in helping operators manage their networks. Indeed, ARP, or “Address Resolution Protocol,” is a stateless communication protocol critical to enabling basic packet transmission in every ethernet network. Its job is quite simple: ARP inspects incoming packets to [...]

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Multi-Layered Access Control

Today, the Internet is a vast network of connections: people to people, people to Things, and Things to Things. This results in a complex melting pot of security and network management challenges because of the convergence of so many tools, technologies, and platforms. How successful are you in managing your network security in the new [...]

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Part II – Empower Your IT/OT Convergence with Genians Next-Gen NAC Capabilities

Converging and integrating OT and IT therefore often requires a “modernization” effort to bring legacy OT systems up-to-date so they can safely be connected to an enterprise’s network without compromising overall systems availability and business continuity. Most legacy OT systems will require some level of upgrading or outright replacement in order to be manageable, secure, [...]

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Part 1 – The age-old separation of IT and OT (Operational Technology) has begun to erode with the emergence of IoT

Over the past few years, we have heard a great deal about the rapidly emerging revolution in the Internet of Things (IoT). Indeed, major analysts like Gartner and Forrester have predicted that we are now in the process of moving from some 10 billion network-connected IoT devices to approximately 25 billion in the next 3 [...]

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Next Generation of NAC Capabilities

As the challenges identified above manifest themselves increasingly, NAC platforms will need to be highly responsive to marketplace dynamics and the overall threat landscape – and accordingly innovative as well. The essential characteristics required of NAC technology going forward is that it provides enterprises with the flexibility required for them to carry out their business [...]

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Why Still Network Access Control (NAC)?

Network-connected end devices remain a major cybersecurity point of vulnerability. Network Access Control (NAC) technology provides the ability to lock down network access in a way and to an extent that no other cyber defense product category does. Cyber threats in today’s enterprises are focused on multiple attack surfaces across the entire range of network-connected [...]

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