Editions & Features

To experience the benefits of NAC sequentially and economically, Genians offers three editions: ‘Basic’ (Network Surveillance), ‘Professional’ (Network Access Control), and ‘Enterprise’ (Network Automation), without incurring high up-front costs. Further, Genians offers a free edition that covers up to 300 devices, thus providing a convenient network surveillance tool for anyone who wants to discover what is happening on their network in real time.

VisibiltyDetect/Monitor IP-enabled Device
Device Platform Intelligence (Name, Type, Picture, EOL, Connection)
Switch Port Information
WLAN Monitoring / Security (Rogue/Misconfigured AP)
Basic Endpoint Information (OS, HW, Software) by Windows/macOS Agent
Condition based Dynamic Node Group
Customizable Dashboards (Over 100 Widgets)
Track Changes / Audit Logs
Network Anomaly Detection (MAC Spoofing, Rogue Gateway, Ad-hoc)
Basic Reports (Node, WLAN, Log)
Notification (Email/Text Message)
Custom Reports
User AuthenticationCaptive Portal Login
Active Directory SSO
External User Directory Integration (LDAP/RADIUS/SMTP/POP3/IMAP/SAML2)
Multifactor Authentication (Text Message/Email/Google OTP for Admin)✓ (Admin Only)
Network Access Control802.1x based Control (RADIUS Server)
ARP based Layer 2 Enforcement
Port Mirroring (SPAN) based Enforcement
In-line Enforcement (Dual-homed Gateway)
Switch integration (SNMP) based Enforcement
DHCP based Enforcement (DHCP Server)
Role based Access Control (RBAC)
Desktop ManagementCompliance Check (Antivirus, Required SW,HW, Desktop Settings)
OS Configuration (Screenlock, Internet Options, DNS)
Windows Update Management (Offline Update, Update Cache, Approval)
External Device Control (USB and etc.)
802.1X Connection Profile Provisioning (Wireless/Wired)
EAP-GTC Plugin for Windows (Support Legacy Password Authentication)
WLAN Control (SSID Whitelist, SoftAP block)
IntegrationUser Directory Sync (RDBMS, Active Directory, LDAP, Google)
Webhook / Syslog / SNMP trap (Outbound)
REST API (Inbound)
Syslog Server (Inbound)
Device Vulnerability Information (Device Platform based CVE)
Business ProcessUser Consent Pages
Request/Approval Process (IP, Device, User, External Device)
Role based Administrator
Customized Fields (Node, Device, User)
Custom Captive Portal Pages
Multilingual Support
Scalability and AvailabilityHigh Availability (Policy Server / Network Sensor)
Interface Channel Bonding
Disaster Recovery (DB Replication, Policy Server Backup)