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And Meet Next-gen Device Fingerprinting for the IoT Era

Genians Device Platform Intelligence (DPI) through the cloud incorporates technology information with business context to expand visibility dramatically. It not only gives a more comprehensive view of the devices themselves, but also a better understanding of IT security risk indicators with new perspectives.  
  • Layer 2 – based sensing technology for accurate detection of device platform
    • Not just “Android phone” but “Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile phone”
  • Expand visibility into IT/OT convergence
    • IoT, ICS, FAB, SCADA
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of all network-enabled devices
    • Manufacturer/Vendor’s viability, device EOL & EOS

And Get the Most Advanced Network Access Control

Genians cloud-managed Network Access Control (NAC) performs ongoing compliance checks to ensure that all connected devices are automatically identified, classified, authorized, and given policy-based access control. It also provides all the major features that network managers expect, such as NAC-driven IP Address Management (IPAM), Desktop Configuration Management, complete security control over Wi-Fi access, automated IT security operation, IT asset management, and much more.  

  Seeing is believing. Come visit us at the booth C183 for a live demo. Can’t make it? just get started with a 30-day free trial anytime.

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