Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that the number of humans connected to the Internet will increase to 6 billion by 2022, triple the number connected in 2015. Many of these individuals will use more than one device. Traditional detection technologies such as device fingerprinting and network monitoring will no longer be sufficient to identify, track, and manage all of this traffic as those methods provide neither real-time data nor accurate device platform information. As a result, next-gen device fingerprinting technology will be required for the IoT era – and that effectively means “now”! In this webinar, we will provide you with the guidance necessary to quickly identify all network-connected devices, including all managed/unmanaged, known/unknown, rogue, and transient devices that exist in your network environment. We’ll also review how to classify any group of devices in an automated, contextual manner. Specifically, we will:
  • Describe the challenge with typical device fingerprinting/network monitoring
  • Introduce Device Platform Intelligence and non-disruptive network sensing technology
  • Correlate device fingerprinting data with contextual data regarding function, network connectivity, EOL/EOS status, manufacturer viability, and Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) for both the device platform and its manufacturer.
  • Monitor compliance status of all connected devices (OS updates, security patches, required software, etc.)
  • Discuss actionable intelligence for enhancing your cybersecurity framework
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