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Contextual Access Control

Control all connected devices, right on time

Node, IP, Switch, Wireless, User, Endpoint

Correlating information to get better control

  • Provide flexible and secure network access to authorized users
  • Enforce granular policy controls against non-compliance right on time
  • Ensure the security compliance of the network, devices, and users.

Enforce Policy Dynamically

Enforce granular policies just in time to protect your network and increase your business productivity

Simply Authenticating

  • Use built-in RADIUS, Captive Web Portal, and Agent
  • Integrate with LDAP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, Google Apps
  • Control Authentication Policy

Accurately Controlling Access

  • Control Protocols (ARP, DHCP, HTTP/HTTPS, TCP/IP, ACL, SNMP)
  • Control Switch Port (802.1x based, Port Mirroring)
  • Control Endpoints (Captive Web Portal, Agent Actions)

More than Just Acces Control

Dynamic Policy Enforcement using contextual information (What, Who, When, Where, How) about the platform as well as the business context information like the status of manufacture/vendor (Out of business), the support status of a device (EOL/EOS), news, and etc.

Ensure cradle to grave, CONTROL the entire lifecycle of all connected devices to your network using Genians Platform Intelligence.

Control All from IP Address Perspective

NAC-Driven IP Address Management (IPAM)

Control the entire IP address lifecycle and provision IP addresses effectively

Control All from Switch Perspective

Control connectivity between a switch port and its connected devices

Using 802.1x port based access control, Genian NAC Policy Server with Network Sensor can shut down any ports connected by non-compliant devices.

Control All from Wifi Perspective

Wire•less does not mean Secure•less

Control all Wifi-enabled devices accessing to not only your organization APs but also neighbor APs

Wireless Access Control

  • Create a policy to control WLAN Interface
  • Control/block devices accessing unauthorized APs

Wireless Connection Manager

  • Provide a single-click wireless connection service
  • Guide only authorized APs

Manage AP/Client Profile

  • Disable SoftAP on Windows
  • Block unauthorized AP connected to wired network

Control Security Settings

  • Security Mode (WPA/WPA2)
  • Encryption Type (AES/TKIP)
  • Network Authentication
    • Microsoft PEAP (EAP-MSCHAP v2) or Genians PEAP (EAP-GTC)
    • Authentication mode: Computer, User, Guest
  • Single Sign On

Leverage the Integration

Search logs by full-text search and take an action

Genian NAC gathers event logs for the entire network and provides the built-in Syslog server. The log data can be integrated with any Next Generation Firewall (Palo Alto), APT (FireEye, TrendMicro), and SIEM (Splunk, ArcSight) solutions. You can also generate customized reports based upon schedule basis.

Get Full Control with Agent

Standardize the configuration of corporate-owned devices automatically and control them remotely

You can control all desktop configurations, applications, OS updates/patch, peripheral device, wireless connection and more.

IT Security Automation

Automate day-to-day tasks

You can set up an automated API integration based on a Swagger and run your IT operations securely and efficiently. You can also manage workflow using Captive Web Portal service and the Request/Approval Process.

Onboarding Process

  • Create a custom security/privacy Consent
  • Register a new user
  • Register a new device (BYOD)
  • Ask for new IP address

Request / Approval Process

  • Approval System
    • Email-based
    • Multi-level approval process
  • Permission to add a new device, IP, and user
  • Permission to use USB Device

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