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Security-driven Network Access

Everything is under Ctrl with Genian NAC


Utilize contextual information gathered by Smart Visibility to provide flexible and secure network access, wherever your users are located, whatever devices they bring to your network network, while preventing unauthorized access to your IT resources


Allow only authenticated users to your network through various methods

Authenticate users by Built-in RADIUS server, Captive Web Portal, or Agent based

Integrate with authentication system like RADIUS, LDAP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, Google Apps

Create Node policies to authenticate devices

Access Control

Enforce various access control policies based on the compliance status of endpoints

Create enforcement policies through a wizard-based web interface

Block non-compliance with Switch port block/shutdown, TCP Resets, ARP spoofing

Notify/control access to endpoints with Agent

IP Address Management

Manage the entire IP address lifecycle and provision IP addresses to compliant endpoint devices

Run the built-in DHCP Server to provision IPs with NAC perspective

Assign a static IP to certain MAC address and vice versa

WLAN Access Control

Control access to unauthorized APs and manage Wifi-enabled devices accessing multiple SSIDs

Block unauthorized AP connected to wired network

Control/block endpoint devices trying to access unauthorized APs

Disable SoftAP on Windows machines


Standardize the configuration of corporate-owned devices automatically and manipulate them remotely using Agent.

Operating System

Configure and manage Windows settings

Configure Windows updates

Control Windows Lock Screen and Desktop backgrounds (wallpaper)

Guide users to get the most secure wireless connection


Configure and manage Application settings

Control Internet Explorer setup (trusted sites, Active-X, etc.)

Uninstall programs in Windows

Run, delete, copy, move and rename files on Windows


Manage selected administrative and security tasks

Prevent access from unauthorized peripheral devices (e.g. USB drive)

Protect users’ accounts by controlling and monitoring their password strength

Manage critical Windows settings like Guest account, Firewall, Remote Desktop, Autorun, NTP

Plus, 36 more features available for Windows & Apple devices


Integrate with a wide range of IT security solutions through Genian API (SOAP, REST) and built-in syslog server.
Tune up Security-driven Network Access solution for your business

Role-based Administrator

Assign certain privileges to sub-administrators to perform specific tasks independently

User Directory Synchronization

Synchronized with an existing user DB such as LDAP, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL/Sybase, DB2, CSV. It can be saved in Genian NAC DB.

Language support

Provide a web-based UI with different languages that can be used by both administrators and end users (Default languages: English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese)


Run Genian NAC continuously in active/standby implementations


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