Partner Updates, May 29th 2018
by Doseok May 29, 2018

Following on from our successful experience at RSAC2018 earlier this month in San Francisco, we have some more exciting information to share with all of you, our valued Partners.

A Big Welcome to our New Partners!

We’re pleased to announce that we have two new additions to the Genians family in the U.S.. Maryland-based “Braxton-Grant Technologies” and New England-based “Casselberry Consulting LLC” have just joined our Partner program. Both have deep expertise in the cyber security industry going back a number of years. We are very proud to have them as members of our Partner community.


We’re also happy to congratulate our Southeast Asia Partner BlueZebra, which has just closed a major deal. Going forward, one of Thailand’s major universities will be secured via the Genian NAC solution. The details of this success story will be shared shortly. Once again, congratulations BlueZebra!

Excellent job!

Big congratulations go out as well to our Africa Partner “SMSAM” and our Japan Partner “JSecurity.” Each participated in leading global tech conferences in their regions during May. Check out the following for further details:

2018 Updated List Price Now Available

Please note that our pricing model has been slightly modified. Our annual maintenance fee is now separate from cost of NAC licensing itself. Going forward, maintenance costs will be managed separately from licensing fees.

Also, in response to global market demand, we will now deliver an appliance option. Please review our Appliance Documentation to learn more about this product.

Please let us know what you think about this option as well as our updated pricing model.

Infosecurity Europe 2018 Coming Soon!

Genians will be attending “Infosecurity Europe 2018” in London on June 5 – 7, 2018. We’re pleased to announce that Cybanetix, our UK Partner, and Sertalink, our Partner in Belgium, will join us on this occasion to help promote Genian NAC as well as exchange ideas and experiences with Infosecurity attendees.

A Quick Announcement: Genian NAC Training

Genians will be providing Genian NAC training at our Boston office in June. Interested in attending? Please simply reply back to this email. More details will soon be provided.

Date: Jun 13 – 15th, 2018

*The training cost is free and accommodations (hotel and meals) will be provided by Genians during the training period.

In Closing

Although we are still in the relatively early stages of ramping up our global Partner efforts, we have been receiving more and more interest in these from around the world. Growing our mutual business globally has clear challenges, but today’s marketplace is also just as clearly full of opportunities. Team Genians is here to actively support all of our Partners around the world in making our journey together a happy and successful one.