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Smart Visibility & Compliance

Nothing is hidden under Genian NAC


Illuminate your network without agents


See the overall IT assets with associated information from network layer to the endpoint layer

“Node: Anything with the MAC corresponding to IP. For instance, a laptop loaded 3 different virtual machines can be counted as 3 nodes”


Discover and organize all detected nodes with different perspectives

Explore network connectivity trends of each node

 Tag your desired nodes in action or status updates by 3rd party apps


Identify a detected node like “Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise x64”, not just “Windows”

Detect accurate device platform information through Network Sensor

Report incorrect platform info and Genians will jump on the issue immediately

Use the statistical report feature for IT asset tracking

IP Address

Monitor IP address usage in real-time through intuitive IP Management view

Check IP address usage for each network segment

Identify who/what device is connecting to specific IP address

Detect how many IPs are assigned by DHCP, conflicted, and reserved

Switch Port

Discover connectivity information between a switch port and the connected devices

Identify how many nodes are connected to specific ports and check the authentication status of connected nodes

Monitor connection status (up/down), speed, traffic utilization, port security settings

Add or edit a switch port description

Wireless LAN

Map wireless connectivity info with wired connection info by extending wireless visibility

Create groups using various conditions to identify the security status of APs

Detect who is accessing external, rogue, misconfigured APs and find no security enabled APs by Search

Detect internal devices offering multiple SSIDs


Discover detailed information about what is inside of the company-owned devices and what has been changed by authenticated users without interrupting system or network performance. (*Agent required)

Hardware Software

Monitor the endpoint’s system information in real time to meet IT asset management requirements

Detect the system information on Windows

Detect the system information on Mac

List all installed software with details (Installed Date, Version, Path)

Security Settings

Discover the current security settings of all endpoints for your IT security baseline

Monitor Windows update status and Antivirus updates

Inspect Windows security settings; Login Password, Screen Lock, Firewall, etc

Detect unauthorized software & services and unnecessary open ports


Assess the current security status of all endpoints on the network and align them all to your IT security baseline


Define specific conditions to find non-compliance, detect any status changes, and monitor abnormal activities in real time

Use over 400 conditions and 30 predefined node groups

Dectect Abnormal Activities; ARP spoofing, ARP bomb attack, Cloning MAC/IP, Port Scanning, etc.

Events and Notification

See event logs from network to endpoint and find certain logs by full-text search

Search specific logs for IP, MAC, user, log type, and more terms by a day, week, month, year, even a custom period

Create own filters and be notified by email, snmp traps, syslog, url call once a critical event occurs

Visual Presentation

See immediate, comparable, actionable information through personalized dashboards using customizable widgets

Overview your network status and performance using over 100 customizable widgets

Discover all the assets and get a summarized overview

Monitor the network security status in a specific country, region, state or city

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