NAC as a service (MSP Ready)

Essential features for CyberSecurity-As-A-Service

Enhance the way of monitoring your customer network

  • Security infused IT Asset Management empowered by Device Platform Intelligence
  • Ongoing Compliance-As-A-Service for Networks and Endpoints
  • Network abnormal detection
  • Customizable dashboards and reports

Secure network connections made by any types of IP enabled devices at the edge

  • Control unauthorized/rouge/misconfigured devices (Wired/Wireless)
  • Support productive onboarding process
  • Quarantine/Remediation 
  • Desktop configuration management

Plus, the built-in services

  • RADIUS Server for AAA service (802.1x)
  • DHCP Server for IP management
  • Syslog Server for Log & Event management

Cloud Ready

Support various Cloud environments. 

  • Public Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google),
  • Private Cloud (VMWare, OpenStack)
  • Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

Genian NAC Components

  • Policy Server: Supports multi-tenancy (Docker container)
  • Network Sensor: Support Universal customer premises equipment (uCPE)
  • Agent: Multi functional features and customization


  • One-stop service (sites, users, licenses, subscriptions, billing)
  • Virtual domain support
  • Centralized dashboard/reports
  • Zero Config Provisioning
  • White label service


Let’s compare RADIUS, SNMP, MIRROR/SPAN, IN-LINE, and SENSOR based NAC solutions.


Learn how to lock down your edge networks unless explicitly permitted by leveraging Genian NAC Zero Trust Deployment option.

Working with Genians

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