Next-Gen Network Access Control for the IoT era
How It Works

1. Illuminate Your Network

Without disturbing your existing IT network infrastructure, Genians Layer 2 based sensing technology powered by Device Platform Intelligence can surveil your entire network (Wired, Wireless, Virtual) in real time.

  • Detect any IP-enabled Devices as a Node (MAC+ IP) with their most accurate platform name
  • Detect device platform’s network connectivity information like Switch Port, SSID
  • Discover device platform’s business context and risk information
  • Detect network anomaly (MAC Spoofing, Rogue Gateway, Ad-hoc)

2. Tidy Up Your Network

Node Grouping classifies all detected Node data into certain groups you can manage based on your business requirement in real time.

  • Over 500 pre-defined conditions are provided to create Node groups. A Node can belong to multiple Groups
  • Each Nodes group can be used for policy management and compliance check to assess the current security practices

3. Control Network Access

Once a targeted Node group is ready, specific policies can be applied to monitor the compliance posture. If a non-compliant device is detected, enforcement policy with appropriate actions (Block, Limit, Allow) can be executed.

  • Role-based Access Control
  • Multi-layered Access Control (ARP Spoofing, 802.1x, Port mirroring,  Switch Port shutdown, Agent-based)
  • Built-in RADIUS, DHCP server

4. Log All Activities and Events

Network Sensor and Agent gathers all event information from the entire network and all with historical data are stored in Policy Server. Elastic-based search and filters help you to find out specific event data. The log data can be integrated with other security solutions like Next Generation Firewall, APT, SIEM, and EMM solutions.

  • Role-based Administrator
  • Personalized Dashboards using Over 100 Custom Widgets
  • Built-in Syslog Server
  • Integration via Webhook, REST API, and Syslog


  • Review and refine device platform information via the cloud
  • Deliver the most accurate up-to-date device platform information to Policy Server on a weekly basis


  • Establish security policies based on Node information collected by Network Sensors and Agents
  • Distribute established policies to Network Sensors and Agents
  • Communicate with Network Sensors and Agents to secure access control
  • Integrate with user database and third-party security solutions


  • Collect Node Information from network
  • Apply (or enforce) established policies from Policy Server to targeted Node (or Node groups)
  • Detect all SSIDs by listening wifi signals
  • Identify who is accessing valid (enterprise-owned) APs, neighbor APs, or rogue APs
  • Support 802.1q Trunk Port

AGENT (Optional)

  • Collect endpoint system information in detail
  • Execute policy enforcement as well as management tasks through the use of Plugins.
  • Operate as a Wireless Sensor to provide wider and more in-depth coverage to detect any possible Wifi activities such as Ad-hoc mode, SoftAP, and Tethering.