On-Premises Network Access Control

Install and run Genian NAC on the premises of your organization using the Genian NAC software,

  • Suitable for any-sized companies (Support unlimited active devices)
  • Upgrade between Editions as your network evolves without losing your original investment.
  • Free up to 300 devices (Basic Edition). No credit card required. No time limits.

Get Free and Upgrade as you grow

Help you to experience Genian NAC with greater convenience and effectiveness in matching the right product edition to your needs.


Network Surveillance
  • Device Platform Intelligence
  • Auto Classification
  • Network Anomaly Detection
Free upto 300


Network Access Control
  • User Authentication
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Custom Reports
30 Days Trial


Network Automation
  • Desktop Management
  • Integration & Business Process
  • Scalability & Availability
30 Days Trial


Genian NAC Operating System includes Policy Server, Network Sensor, and Agent software.


Use your own machines (virtual or physical ) for Policy Server and Network Sensor. Or simply buy Genians appliances.

Minimum Specification

If the policy server and network sensor are operated on the same device, the recommended number of devices is reduced by 50%.

 Up to 2,000Up to 10,000Up to 20,000
CPUIntel Dual Core
Intel E3 Quad Core
Intel E5 Quad Core

Of course, you can get Genians appliances. Please contact Genians partners to discuss more.

simple Licensing

The Licensing model for Genian NAC On-prem version only counts the number of active devices currently up and running in the network. Nothing else! The number of devices means unique MAC addresses connected to the network,

NAC Comparison

Let’s compare RADIUS, SNMP, MIRROR/SPAN, IN-LINE, and SENSOR based NAC solutions.

Genian NAC in 10 mins

See how to install Genian NAC software in a Virtual machine to start monitoring network traffic and fingerprinting active devices. (No network changes needed)

Implementing Zero Trust

Learn how to lock down your edge networks unless explicitly permitted by leveraging Genian NAC Zero Trust Deployment option.

Working with Genians

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