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Demystifying Genians Next-Gen Network Access Contol

Genians Webinar Series​

Next-Gen Device Fingerprinting for the IoT Era​

Why is Network Access Control (NAC) Needed in the IoT era?​

Secure Where It Connects at the Network Edge

Next-Gen NAC with AI-based SIEM (Seceon)

Genians Intro

Why Still NAC? Why Genians?

Genians Next-Gen NAC

Next-Gen NAC 101

The Critical 3 Steps for Cybersecurity

Evolution of Network Access Control

Why is Next-gen Device Fingerprinting Critical?

Device Platform Intelligence

NAC Architecture Comparison

RADIUS vs Sensor-based NAC

Best NAC Deployment Plan

Genian NAC in 10 min

Deploying Policy Server in the Cloud

Deploying Network Sensor (Virtual Machine)

Implementing Zero Trust


Actionable Cybersecurity Intelligence with Seceon aiSIEM​


Genian NAC and Seceon aiSIEM Security Automation​

Genian NAC with DPI

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