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Network Access Control

Ensures full network surveillance for all IP-enabled devices and provides dynamic access control to maintain compliance with IT security policies. It then leverages automation to orchestrate an organization’s entire security portfolio to achieve an optimally secure network access environment.

NAC-driven Zero Trust Network Access

Consolidate the complexity of all essential Zero Trust Network Access features such as VPN, Cloud & Application security into a single platform to secure access from anywhere on campus, remote, cloud, and even hybrid network environment seamlessly. Of course, all NAC features are included. 

2. Pick a Deployment Option

Genians uses a highly scalable and flexible architecture that allows for rapid deployment and a minimum of both platform configuration and downstream management complexity. Genian NAC and ZTNA can be deployed the following ways.


Install and run Genian NAC/ZTNA on the premises of your organization


Run Genian NAC/ZTNA Policy Server in the Cloud managed by Genians.


Run Genian NAC/ZTNA Policy Server in Your Cloud (AWS, Google, MS, Oracle, etc.)

NAC as a Service

Deliver NAC as a Service for your MSP business or organizations ready for Cloud services

3. Pick an Edition

To experience the benefits of NAC progressively and economically, Genians offers three editions: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise without incurring high up-front costs. Further, Genians offers a free edition that covers up to 300 devices, thus providing a convenient network surveillance tool for anyone who wants to discover what is happening on their network in real time.


Network Surveillance


Network Access Control


Network Automation

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