Next-Gen Network Access Control​

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Empowered by Device Platform Intelligence

The traditional approach to achieving network visibility through device fingerprinting is no longer sufficient to meet the demands of the IoT era, where most devices now access networks that are constantly changing. Genians’ network sensing technology powered by Device Platform Intelligence (DPI) discovers and presents all detected devices’ business contextual and risk-related information along with their technical information without disturbing existing network infrastructure. The resulting intelligence enhances visibility and allows operators to detect and respond to any non-compliant or compromised devices in real time.

Now, you have two options to get the device platform intelligence. The first option is to have all Genians NAC components inside of your network. The second option is to run the Policy Server in the Cloud while you are deploying the Network Sensor in your network. Either way, you will get the same result. Once you get better visibility without disturbing existing network operation, you will have much better ideas of what needs to be done in order to secure your network edges. So let’s get started.


Multi-layered Dynamic Network Access Control

With the result of comprehensive network visibility, Genians can ensure compliance from all connected devices by leveraging Virtual In-Line Packet Inspection which operates at Layer 2. This technology has complete control over endpoint device traffic over TCP and UDP by eliminating the need for complex configurations and network changes.

Also, Genians delivers all critical network access control features like IPAM, Switch Ports, WLAN security, Desktop configuration, IT asset, BYOD and Guest Management out of the box at the most affordable pricing options.

Problems with RADIUS based NAC

Layer 2 based Access Control

Compare NAC Architecture

You pick, We deliver

Genian NAC delivers the most essential cybersecurity features in an all-in-one format, while offering an affordable pricing model. Genians provides three flexible deployment options: On-premise, Cloud-managed, and Network Access Control as a Service (NACaaS) for Managed Security Services Providers. From these, organizations can choose the best option for their particular business requirements.

On-Premises NAC

Install and run Genian NAC on the premises of your organization using the Genian NAC software

Cloud-Managed NAC

Run Policy Server in the Cloud and get Next-Gen NAC for a fraction of the cost of traditional NAC solutions

NAC As A Service

Deliver NAC as a Service for your MSP business or organizations ready for Cloud services

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