Genians secures one of the top 500 hotels in the world

The hotel revamps their legacy IP Address Management (IPAM) solution with Genians’ Next-Gen NAC capabilities


This hotel is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World, the most prestigious hotel chain operating in South Korea. The hotel also operates various hotel facilities and duty-free shops around the world, where they manage over 10,000 network endpoints via WAN connectivity.
With the rise of “BYOD,” mobile device management has become one of the major concerns in the hospitality industry, and the hotel quickly came to realize that their legacy IP Address Management (IPAM) solution was not sufficient to secure their property management system (PMS). In particular, the legacy IPAM solution could not support BYOD and mobile initiatives expansion at all. Nor could the hotel achieve complete visibility for all devices, which included tablets, laptops, PDA, POS, and guest devices – all presenting potential cybersecurity risk. The hotel thus sought a more advanced but fundamental cybersecurity solution to address the following challenges in particular:

  • Lack of network visibility across all hotel facilities
  • Challenges with the legacy IPAM but need to maintain the policies related to IP and cybersecurity
  • Ineffective user authentication process
  • Insufficient patch and antivirus management causing endpoint security and compliance issues


Genians’ provides the hotel with the most comprehensive user authentication and access control solution based on existing rules and policies without disturbing operations.

  • Provides a 360º “bird’s-eye view” for all IP-enabled devices in real-time by Genians non-disruptive sensing technology
  • Instantly classifies various devices types (e.g. Employee Tablet, PDA, POS, Guest devices, )
  • Provides seamless migration of legacy IP address management policies
  • Allows for enhancement of IP address management features, such as:
    • Managing static IP/MAC addresses
    • Preventing IP conflicts
    • Provisioning IP addressing via an on-demand service
  • Simplifies the complexity of managing critical user/device authentication by integrating with HR database
  • Installs and maintains all required software and patches right on time
  • Provides a safe and secure onboarding process for Guest and BYOD scenarios
  • Blocks unknown, unauthorized, insecure, rogue devices proactively, and isolates them from the hotel networks.


The hotel enhanced their cybersecurity foundation by successfully transforming their legacy IPAM to Genians Next-Gen Network Access Control solution. As the hotel gets clear visibility for their entire networks (Wired, Wireless), they can secure their IT assets and provide better and secure network access experience for all their employees and guests. The hotel can also securely scale their business.

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