Genians helps City of Kitchener secures their network edge

Zero Trust Security With Next-Gen Network Access Control

Learn how the City of Kitchener, Ontario, enhances their network visibility by leveraging Device Platform Intelligence, which combines and correlates the technology, business, and risk context information of all network-connected devices.

  • How do the city’s network operators gain device visibility rapidly and accurately?
  • How do they detect unknown, rogue, transient, and even misconfigured devices on their network, without disturbing existing IT operations?
  • How do they classify all connected devices automatically based upon their business requirements?

Let’s also learn how Kitchener keeps its networks operating at the highest level of security compliance using next-gen network access control solutions, such as:

Finally, let’s look at how the city manages its network environment in the most efficient manner possible, via:

Team Genians hope this success story will provide some useful ideas for reforming your cybersecurity foundations without sacrificing network availability or budgetary requirements in the Cloud/IoT era. Further, we hope it will give you a chance to build a more robust cybersecurity environment for building better digital trust.


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