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How It Works

Genian NAC gives you Smart Visibility for your entire wired and wireless networks in the world of IoT.
Based upon the visibility, you can get a better control of all your network assets
and ensures them to be the highest level of security and compliance.

A brain (Policy Server) with two handyman (Network Sensor and Agent) can fortify your entire network without disrupting existing network configurations.

All components can go into a single box except Agent. (Agent can be used in case you want to manipulate endpoint device configuration, enforce policies, and use them as Wireless Sensor)

Network Sensor can be separated from Policy Server to manage remote sites and get extended Wireless visibility. Agents can be used as Wireless Sensor as well.

Policy Server

Main Features

  • Establish security policies based on Node information collected by Network Sensor and Agents
  • Distribute established policies to Network Sensor and Agent
  • Communicate with Network Sensor and Agent to secure access control
  • Integrate with user database and third-party security solutions



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Network Sensor

Main Features

  • Collect Node Information from network
  • Apply (or enforce) established policies from Policy Server to targeted Node (or Node groups)
  • Detect all SSIDs by listening wifi signals
  • Identify who is accessing valid (enterprise-owned) APs, neighbor APs, or rogue APs
  • Support 802.1q Trunk Port


The network sensor must be connected every broadcast domain. you can connect 802.1q trunk port for multiple VLANs.

  • Virtual machine can be used as a network sensor but it will not detect wifi-signals without configuring virtual wireless adaptor properly
  • Physical machine (e.g. Mini PC) can be used as a single network sensor


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Main Features

  • Collect endpoint system information in detail
  • Execute various policy enforcement as well as management tasks through the use of Plugins.
  • Operate as a Wireless Sensor to provide wider and more in-depth coverage to detect any possible Wifi activities such as Ad-hoc mode, SoftAP, and Tethering around the device.


Agents can be installed in the following platforms

  • Windows: Windows XP+
  • Apple: OS X Snow Leopard+

Plugin Actions

  • Scan OS, Apps, Peripherals
  • Scan Monitor Properties
  • Scan Printer Properties
  • Scan Compliance Status
  • Scan Open Ports
  • Scan TCP Connection
  • Authenticate User
  • Check Windows Password
  • Change Computer Name
  • Configure Windows Settings
  • Configure Antivirus Settings
  • Deploy Files
  • Notify User
  • Control Power Option
  • Control Screenlock
  • Control External Device
  • Control File Folder Sharing
  • Control ARP Spoofing
  • Control DNS
  • Control Internet Options
  • Control Network Interface
  • Control WLAN Interface
  • Control Guest Account
  • Kill Process
  • Run Script
  • Run File Management Action