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Re-imagined Network Access Control for the World of IoT

Genian NAC can harness the power of the cloud to make managing your network security easier than ever

  • Security Consumerization
  • Managed Security Operation
  • Automated IT Workflow and Maintenance

Maximize network security and IT operational efficiency powered by Genians Device Platform Intelligence

  • Expand visibility by incorporates technology with business context
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of all network-enabled devices holistically
  • Ensure your network to the highest levels of security and compliance

See what is accessing and how to get connected to your network

  • Scan and group everything on the network
  • Assess the current security practices
  • Reshape policies to ensure endpoints to be the highest level of security and compliance

Control where it connects and secure endpoints

  • Control endpoint’s system configuration and network access
  • Enforce policy compliance manually or automatically
  • Maintain your IT security baseline

Get started, for free

Two ways to meet Genian NAC

Genian NAC Cloud

30 Days Free

Team Genians oversees initial installation, security, and maintenance (System upgrades, Patch, etc.) of your policy server in the cloud

  • Get new features instantly and automated maintenance
  • Reduce IT workload for daily routine
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Genian NAC Software

Free up to 300 Devices

You can host Genian NAC on your local server or private services (internal or corporate cloud)

  • Take full administrative control
  • Do more customized work for your own specific business needs
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