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Returning to the Office: 3 Tips to Secure Your Network

It may seem like just yesterday that IT teams worldwide scrambled to set up secure and efficient remote work environments. Now, we are seeing the beginnings of a return to office work. Here are some quick tips to ease the transition back to a stable baseline in your network environments.

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Ripple20 – Control Vulnerable Devices by CVE Correlation

Whether you opt to use Genians Device Platform as a way to check for Ripple20 devices or the CVE list as demonstrated in this blog, the ability to rapidly deploy a Genian NAC physical or virtual Sensor, group and tag affected nodes on the network and fully automate notifications via any number of collaborative tools is a huge time saver.

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Securing Remote Access Users and Devices

The Genian NAC Built-In RADIUS Server is capable of performing Authentication, Authorization and Accounting functions for Enterprise and SMB/SME networks. This capability not only applies to On-Perm users and devices, but can be extended to remote VPN connections as well by integrating with Firewalls and VPN Concentrators/Servers

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Protect remote workers from cyber threats

No matter what, where, and when, we need to secure all connected devices. Genians can present the most practical way to increase network visibility, including remote locations, and protect all remote workers from cyber threats to ensure systems availability is maintained throughout the difficult period ahead.

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Windows Defender Full System Scans Working?

The Genian NAC Agent has over 50 plugins ranging from OS, hardware and software to user accounts, screen lock, power options and everything in between. Genian NAC can also group devices together with over 500 possible conditions available to categorize devices and enforce policy.

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Enhanced Micro-Segmentation for IoT

With Genian NAC providing Device Platform Intelligence (DPI), truly vendor agnostic ARP Enforcement and easy to configure policies to provide proper segmentation and security without complexity, your businesses can keep up with IoT security demands.

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Identify and Mitigate High Risk Port Vulnerabilities

Genian NAC provides real-time open Port Awareness, a means to quickly and easily block a node from network access, the ability to monitor any time a new device with High Risk ports enabled connects to the network and built-in reporting so Admins can mitigate the risk in a timely manner.

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