What We Learned from Educause 2022

During Educause 2022, Genians had many great opportunities to hear powerful stories related to fundamental cyber security issues and we shared our solutions on how to approach this critical subject more effectively and economically using our Genians NAC-driven Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

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Benefits and Challenges of Zero Trust Security Model

Implementing a Zero Trust framework ensures a high level of security within a network architecture through network access control and mitigates the risks of unauthorized access of a data breach. Where this model comes with loads of benefits, it also has some challenges. Learn more about the Zero Trust security model, benefits, and technical challenges.

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What Genians learned from 2020

Ensure Core Cybersecurity Requirements Are Met In This Unprecedented Time The requirements of Genians’ customers in 2020 shifted drastically due to COVID 19, presenting a

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Genians Responds to Gartner’s May 2020 Market Guide for Network Access Control

Network Access Control still has a critical role to play in any cybersecurity plan whether it be visibility, asset management, control/segmentation, Zero Trust or security automation. Organizations should carefully consider the topics discussed in the Gartner NAC Market Recommendations section of the guide when researching and choosing a solution to ensure the solution chosen is the right fight for the organization’s business, network environment, and security initiatives. These front end considerations will pay dividends on the back end.

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Rethinking 802.1x

This article continues our series on “Multi-Layered Access Control,” which seeks to explore various approaches to network visibility and access control. While our last piece

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Why NAC? Why Genians?

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