Why Cloud NAC Makes Sense for Managed Service Providers

It’s no secret that network security is a high priority subject for firms of all sizes. Whether it’s a small business with a single IT manager who wears many hats or a multinational corporation with a vast network spread out over many locations, security is a challenge that must be met head on. Some smaller firms, whether due to budget constraints or preference, choose to manage their IT security themselves. However, many businesses have made the strategic decision to outsource their security operations to Managed Service Providers (MSP) or Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP).

More firms are turning to MSPs

Over the past couple of years, the demand for MSPs has risen steadily due to the increased focus on improving security, especially in an effort to improve their threat detection and intelligence. More than half of the businesses who currently outsource their network security to an MSP use MSPs for 24/7 monitoring of their IT systems. Slightly less than half say they hire MSPs because their main focus is recognizing threats in real time.

MSPs help businesses stay compliant with regulations and, as an added benefit, help them differentiate themselves in the marketplace to better serve their customers.

Everything is interconnected. Even the security experts need to turn to vendors for some of their software needs as well. That’s why it’s important to spotlight the shift of both primary firms and their secondary security providers (like MSPs) to more cloud-based solutions.

Security professionals have confidence in the cloud

For years there was a notion that the cloud couldn’t be trusted to be as secure as a local system. While there were valid reasons for that, recently this has been shown to be a misconception. Now, two-thirds of IT professionals trust the security of cloud computing more (or equal to) their local systems. That is because a cloud set-up makes more sense in a world where threats can be fast moving and global in scale. Local systems, by design, are not quite up to the task of this kind of real time response to difficult to identify threats.

Both IT managers and MSPs need to be strategic in the software they deploy to secure the networks that they are responsible for. Essentially, they are tasked with three main objectives:

  • Protecting sensitive data, which is the most valuable asset any company has.
  • Being efficient with both manpower and monetary costs.
  • Not sacrificing performance for features.

These seem like lofty goals, and they are, but they are within reach when the right tools for the job are in use. The ideal solution checks off all three boxes. Many solutions on the market can offer protection, but are incredibly expensive and priced in confusing ways. What level of service plan do you need? Are you stuck if you need to scale your security solution as your business grows? Then there is the question of the performance of the software. Is it bloated due to its features list? Will it slow your system to a crawl upon deployment? All the protection in the world isn’t worth much if your performance isn’t reliable. So, what is a firm to do?

The answer is in the Cloud NAC

A NAC is a sensible solution for MSPs looking for software that will integrate with their current offerings while not adding dramatically to their overhead. Genian NAC is ideal for firms looking for an adaptable service that offers a wide variety of functionality that doesn’t bog down the existing system or break the bank. Genian NAC integrates with your current workflow to offer cloud based protection for 24/7 monitoring and sends alerts to key personnel as needed.

Here is what Genian NAC Cloud can do for MSPs

Genian NAC is designed to complement MSP services through seamless integration and the meeting of specific needs. When MSPs partner with Genian NAC they can experience the following benefits across various aspects of their business.

  • Automated Maintenance
    • Flexible APIs (Support MSP’s specific requirements)
    • System Update, Patches, Report, etc.
  • Unified Billing
    • Simplified billing process
    • Reduced cost & time to manage billing cycle
  • Customization
    • Customized default configuration and dashboard for MSP’s specific needs
  • Integration
    • Integrate with MSP’s core system
  • Co-branding
    • Maintain consistent brand names and support MSP branding opportunities
  • MSP Customer Portal
    • Manage multiple customer sites at one place

Genian NAC is a robust, richly featured network security solution that can be implemented by firms of all types. From small businesses looking to shore up their IT security efforts in house to Managed Service Providers seeking additional functionality without bogging down their systems with heavy software, Genians NAC can provide the desired benefits.

Why NAC? Why Genians?

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