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Rethinking 802.1x

This article continues our series on “Multi-Layered Access Control,” which seeks to explore various approaches to network visibility and access control. While our last piece dealt with ARP-based strategies for securing endpoints, we now consider how the 802.1x protocol can be used as part of a broader, multi-faceted approach – offering operators a range of [...]

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Secure your network by leveraging ARP

Even the most fledgling of network administrators are familiar with the ARP protocol and the role it plays in helping operators manage their networks. Indeed, ARP, or “Address Resolution Protocol,” is a stateless communication protocol critical to enabling basic packet transmission in every ethernet network. Its job is quite simple: ARP inspects incoming packets to [...]

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The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats are Coming from Inside

Whether your organization is a business or involved in government, one of the highest cost scenarios is when there is a security event that originates with an inside source like an employee or contractor. That’s because these people often have unfettered access to the most sensitive information while not being able to be properly tracked. [...]

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