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No more unknown, unmanaged, unsecured devices in your network

First, get Device Platform Intelligence

Identifying Device Platforms by the holistic approach can lower the network security risk level in the world of IoT




Platform (OS) Fingerprinting

  • Identification
  • Authentication
  • Authorization

Contextual Network Access

  • Assessment
  • Access Control & Remediation
  • System Management

Retirement Information

  • Manufacture, Vendor (Out of business)
  • End of Life (EOL), End of Support (EOS)
  • Device Review, Reputation, etc.

Trends, Insights, Actions

Classify Devices and Users on Your Network

Identified devices and users are dynamically organized based on your business requirements.
Over 140+ individual classification conditions quickly categorize devices and users for efficiency and convenience.

Slice and dice the information whichever you like

Personalize your dashboards using over 100 custom widgets

Genian NAC not only sees the basic information, but also presents comparable reports, indicating immediate trends and challenges in your network. The provided actionable information can be used for making better decisions to develop cyber security policies Easily obtain the information that is most meaningful for you through the dashboard, which may be fully personalized using over 100 customizable widgets..

Find the correlated information you really need to see

from various data such as IP, MAC, Switch Port, SSID, Device Platform, User Info and more.

Wired to Wireless Connections

Discover Wireless correlated with Wired connection data
  • Detect all Wifi signals, netting not only your organization APs but also neighbor APs.
  • See how many internal (SSID belongs to your organization) or external APs are available through your network.
  • Identify who is trying to access internal, external, or even rogue & misconfigured APs.

Monitor IP address usage in real-time with intuitive IPAM view

Correlate IP address with connected Device, Auth User, MAC, and Switch Port
  • Identify who/what device is connecting to specific IP address.
  • Detect how many IPs are assigned by DHCP, conflicted, and reserved.
  • Check IP address usage for each network segment.

Lock down Endpoints

Monitor and control the endpoint’s system information in real time to meet IT asset management requirements

Plus, more features waiting for you

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Genian NAC Software

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You can host Genian NAC solution on your local server or private services (internal or corporate cloud)

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