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Stay Ahead With Zero Trust Security

In this perimeter-less world, where do you currently stand, as network environments continue to evolve dramatically and cyber threat surfaces continue to change and expand? Expedite securing network edges by adopting zero trust security. These two essential elements will help you solve the puzzle of how to achieve zero trust.

Digital Identity Attributes

“Never trust, always verify” – but never trust what? Define the specifics of devices accessing your network by correlating them with both their technical and business contexts in real-time.

Digital Security Onboarding

Map device information with users based on their access privileges and provide seamless authentication, authorization, and audit processing across your entire range of network connections – such as VPN, xDSL, and 5G.

Key Features

Maximize Digital Trust with Zero Trust Network Access Control

ZT-NAC Foundation, Genian NAC

  • Device Platform Intelligence For IT, IoT, IIoT
  • Non-disruptive Network Sensing Technology for Network Edges
  • Dynamic Classification
  • Multi-layered Access Control
  • Endpoint Compliance
  • IT Security Automation

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Extended NAC to cloud environment

  • Extends NAC Capabilities To Cloud
  • Supports Public and Private Cloud
  • Support Multi/hybrid Cloud Environments
  • AWS Marketplace

Enhanced VPN connection

  • Combines NAC/VPN Agent
  • VPN Connects to Gateway
  • Sensor Plugin Available
  • Integration with Windows Firewall

Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)

  • Real-Time IP Flow Analysis
  • Covers North/South and East/West Traffic
  • Detects Anomalies

Network Detection and response (NDR)

  • Analyzes Feed from NTA
  • Applies Zero Trust Network Access Policy
  • Flow vs Policy Comparison

Network Virtualization

  • Supports Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN)
  • Extends ARP Enforcement
  • Adds IP Mobility Option
  • Same policy to any segments
  • Adds SGT Option

Network Segmentation

  • Supports Micro (Workload, Application, Process) and Macro (Device/Port) Segmentation
  • Supports Industry Regulatory Core Requirement (PCI, HIPAA, NIST, NSA, etc.)
  • Dynamic Node Grouping using Over 500 Conditions
  • Tags IT Assets
  • Visualization
ZTNAC Segmentation

Endpoint Detection And Response (EDR)

  • Monitors Endpoint Behaviors
  • Detects and Interrogates Threats
  • Visualizes Threats
  • Automates Threat Responses

Least Access Privileges

  • Reduce Potential Attack Surface
  • Provide Just-in-Time and Just-Enough Access
  • Reduce the Risk of Unauthorized and Rogue Access
  • Provide Various Authentication methods (IP/MAC, 802.1x, Agent-based, etc.)
  • Integrate with Intranet System and User Database
  • Works in VPN, xDSL, and 5G Environments.
ZTNAC Least Access Privilege

Fast Deployment & Scalability

  • Out of box Features, Plug’n’Play
  • No Disruption for Existing IT and Network Operations.
  • Phased implementation and Virtualized Deployment Options
  • Choice of Appliances (Works even with Raspberry Pi)
  • Centralized Monitoring and Management

Essential elements for Zero Trust NAC

Genians Cloud

  • Review and refine device platform information via the cloud
  • Deliver the most accurate, up-to-date device platform intelligence to Policy Server on a weekly basis.
  • NAC software distribution (updated bi-monthly)
  • Docs

Policy Server

  • Available in Genians Cloud, Public Cloud, Private Cloud or On-Prem
  • Provides single pane of glass for all ZTNA policies
  • Correlates data from Sensors, Agents, and Network Devices
  • Manage components, users, devices, dashboards, and reporting
  • Integration options for Security Automation with Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Network Sensor

  • Can be deployed on physical Intel products as VMs, Docker containers, or Agents
  • Use for Public Cloud, Private Cloud, On-Prem, Branch or even Home applications.
  • Provides Genian Device Platform Intelligence (GDPI) for any IP-enabled device
    Collects Network Traffic for Analysis
  • Performs Policy Enforcement Functions
  • Performs Funneling Functions to support XVLAN and IP Mobility

Integrated NAC/VPN Agent

  • Provides full NAC Endpoint Security
  • Over 50 available plugins to monitor and control endpoints
  • Built-in client VPN functionality
  • Sensor plugin available for quick visibility at small locations
  • Access Control capability utilizing dynamic firewall rules on endpoint


  • Available in Public Cloud, Private Cloud, or On-Prem
  • May also be deployed as a Remote/Teleworker Gateway
  • Provides Authentication Services and Access Control
  • Controls traffic to Internet, Cloud, and On-Prem Destinations
  • Applies Dynamic QoS Policies in real-time

AWS Connector

  • Provides Granular Control in AWS Cloud Environments
  • Ensures all EC2 Instances are Compliant with Security Policy
  • Detects any EC2 Instances Deployed in Specified AWS VPC(s)
  • Allows for real-time Command Application to EC2 Instances
  • Commands Dynamically Restrict or Quarantine EC2 Instances
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