September 2019

Windows Defender Full System Scans Working?

The Genian NAC Agent has over 50 plugins ranging from OS, hardware and software to user accounts, screen lock, power options and everything in between. Genian NAC can also group devices together with over 500 possible conditions available to categorize devices and enforce policy.

Enhanced Micro-Segmentation for IoT

With Genian NAC providing Device Platform Intelligence (DPI), truly vendor agnostic ARP Enforcement and easy to configure policies to provide proper segmentation and security without complexity, your businesses can keep up with IoT security demands.

What’s New Device Platform Intelligence on Sep 10, 2019

Go to Device Platform Intelligence Updated Node Types 1 Node Types are updated Platform Name Old New Advantech BB-VESP211 Ethernet Serial Server Server Network Appliance Added Platforms 53 Platforms are added Node Type Platform Name Mobile Device ( 12 ) Samsung GALAXY Note 10 Phone Samsung Galaxy A60 Phone Google Pixel 3a Phone Sony Xperia …

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