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Next Generation of NAC Capabilities

As the challenges identified above manifest themselves increasingly, NAC platforms will need to be highly responsive to marketplace dynamics and the overall threat landscape – and accordingly innovative as well. The essential characteristics required of NAC technology going forward is that it provides enterprises with the flexibility required for them to carry out their business [...]

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Why Still Network Access Control (NAC)?

Network-connected end devices remain a major cybersecurity point of vulnerability. Network Access Control (NAC) – focused technology provides the ability to lock down network access in a way and to an extent that no other cyber defense product category does. Cyber threats in today’s enterprises are focused on multiple attack surfaces across the entire range [...]

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Fresh off a Successful Debut of Cloud NAC at RSAC 2017, Genians Announces Move to Bigger and Better Location

Technology Company’s Growth Facilitates Moving to North Andover’s Historic Machine Shop Village District North Andover, Mass. – March 1, 2017 – Genians, an industry-leading Cloud-based Network Access Control (NAC) service, announced today that due to recent success and rapid growth, it is upgrading to new, larger office facilities. The company is remaining in North Andover, Massachusetts [...]

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Cloud-based Network Access Control (NAC) Unveiling at RSA 2017

RSA Conference 2017 is taking place next week at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. From February 13th-17th, a variety of companies and foundations will give presentations on the current state of security across the tech world. The state of cybersecurity has never been a hotter topic as more organizations from governments to small businesses are taking [...]

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Genians Introduces Cloud-based Network Access Control Solution for Evolving Networks

Harness the Power of the Cloud to Make Managing Your Network Security Easier than Ever North Andover, Mass. – Genians, an industry-leading Network Access Control (NAC) solution, announced today the launch of a cloud-based version of its service. This solution is a perfect fit for SMEs looking to reduce their IT department’s workload, manage an ever-increasing [...]

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Win a Free Intel NUC Once Every Week

We believe Genian NAC Cloud is the service that will change the way you approach your network security. If you’re interested in Genian NAC, you’ve no doubt tried other solutions to your IT issues. You probably found these other solutions to either be too complicated to execute, too expensive or having complex payment plans, and too [...]

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View authentication status of a node or switch

View authentication status of a node Go to the Management -> Node menu Click on the IP address Node you wish to view In the General tab, look for Auth User and Authentication Type These two details will provide insight into issues. Authentication Type typically is either by Host or Device, but may also be through the Administrator. View authentication status [...]

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Find specific nodes or data using the search feature

With the vast amount of data that the Sensors and Agents can gather about your network, it is important to find specific details quickly. This will also help you to get the logs you need without hassle. To help you with this, we have included an intelligent Google-style, full-text search function into the dashboard. No matter what [...]

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