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Genian NAC for Cloud Solution Provider

Create your own NAC-as-a-Service
Genian NAC for Cloud Solution Provider is a package tailored for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs), and IT organizations for large enterprises and government institutions that want to deliver Next-Gen NAC as a Service
Introducing a Genians partner who delivers this package under their name:

What’s Inside

The package delivers the features, scalability, and stability needed for the digital transformation journey

Cloud Service System

  • One-stop service (sites, users, licenses, subscriptions, billing)
  • Easy to run PoC / Trial
  • Zero config Network Sensor available

Multi-tenancy Supported NAC

  • Policy Server running on a Cloud instance (via Docker container)
  • Virtual domain support (
  • Customization (dashboard, policy, features, brand, pricing, etc.)
  • Supports AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Private Cloud

Manager of Managers

  • Monitor Network Sensor status and critical events per your customer sites
  • Generate executive summary reports (Bird’s eye view)
  • Create customized reports to meet business needs

How It Works

Maintain security at scale while maximizing resources, reducing capital & maintenance cost

Choose a Tenancy Model
For Your Business

  • Dedicated: Single Policy Server running on a Cloud computing instance
  • Hybrid: Multiple dockerized Policy Servers running on a computing instance and shared backend (database, log) system
  • Pools: Customers share a single Policy Server and provide specific access permissions
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