Genian NAC Software

Enterprise Grade, On-Premises Network Access Control


Genians offers 3 distinct editions of its NAC Software. Choose the Edition that best meets your business requirements.
Upgrade between Editions as your network evolves without losing your original investment.

BASIC / Network Surveillance

For real-time, comprehensive visibility of your network and its endpoints, start with the Free Basic Edition. This will allow you to record and track all events that occur across your entire network.

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For complete, security-compliance driven access control for all devices accessing your network, and to also provide fully automated remediation for non-complaint devices, please choose our Professional Edition.

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ENTERPRISE / Automation

To build a fully automated, comprehensive security platform in concert with your organization’s existing IT or security infrastructure, and to establish advanced management features, please choose our Enterprise Edition.

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Enjoy the Basic Edition for Free

Up to 300 devices. No credit card required. No time limits.

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Establish Next-Gen Network Access Control capability for your organization at an affordable price


$4,380for 500 active devices
  • Network Surveillance
  • Device Platform Intelligence
  • Contextual Access Information
  • Rogue Access Point Detection
  • Endpoint Information
  • Windows, macOS Agent support
  • Hardware, Software Information
  • Antivirus Information
  • OS Settings
  • Compliance
  • Dynamic Grouping (Over 500 conditions)
  • Compliance Status Change Detection


$8,760for 500 active devices
  • Network Access Control
  • Layer 2 Enforcement
  • IP Management (DHCP Server)
  • Captive Web Portal
  • User Authentication
  • Switch Port Management
  • WLAN Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • Desktop Configuration Management
  • External Device Control (USB)
  • Install / Remove Software
  • WLAN Connection Manager


  • Enhanced Control
  • Built in RADIUS Server for 802.1x
  • Mirror, Switch Port Enforcement
  • Offline Windows Update
  • Integration
  • RESTful API, Webhook, Syslog
  • Enhanced Management
  • Access Request, Approval Process
  • Custom Fields, Reports
  • Role-based Administrators
  • High Availability

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