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Hello DevSecOps Folks,

Kyeyeon KimThis is Kyeyeon Kim, co-founder & president of Genians, Inc. I could take this post as an opportunity to expound upon my successes as a technology industry entrepreneur — and to focus on the growth of my fortune thus far as a result. But the real message I want to get across to you here is that I am very much, at my core and like many of you, still a developer. Therefore, I’d just like want to share my personal journey and beliefs with today’s leading-edge developers and technologists – especially those working at the forefront of our industry in IT DevOps, DevSecOps, Security, and Compliance.

The truth is, I didn’t go to college. For my very first job I worked as a technician in a computer store, where I gained and developed various skills. As a result of customers seeking specific technological solutions, I researched to solve their problems and eventually developed deep technical expertise. I soon discovered that building technology itself wasn’t the challenge; rather it was the lack of opportunity available to technologists to hear directly and honestly from users due to obstacles such as budgets, decision processes, and even leaders within the industry.

Over 70% market share in a country is not a joke

Just as the world wasn’t created in a day, neither was my company. What started with a single customer and a starting team of ten, took 18 years of communication and the building of many relationships for Genians to get where it is today. Today, we serve over 3,000 customers by securing over one million endpoint devices globally through the efforts of our team of over 100 associates. In South Korea, our market share now exceeds 70% and ranked 4th highest NAC vendor by revenue in the 2023 Gartner Market Share reportBut while our numbers have changed drastically over the years, our philosophy and dedication to customers remain the same.

Honest, Agile, Open Communication

Understanding the “voice of the customer” is a well-known key to success in the modern IT industry, and Genians has been proving its effectiveness in this regard with our flagship product, Genian NAC. Actually, this product has long been available to larger companies, but we have worked more recently to make it available to businesses of all sizes.

Yes, I am still a developer like you

My dearest Genians and I have enhanced Genian NAC, making it available for anyone who wants to manage and secure IT assets in a $mart and easy way. Now, I want to challenge all of you to help Team Genians create more a truly unique, even more effective product for our life and business through our mutual interactions.

Remember, I am still, like each of you, a developer over an entrepreneur, and would like to use Genian NAC as a medium through which to have direct communications with our partners in the DevOps, Security, Compliance, and End-User communities to better address our everyday security challenges.

Challenge me and challenge Genians until the ideal solution is created.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Kyeyeon Kim

Still Active Developer/Co-founder of Genians Inc.


Why NAC? Why Genians?

Frost & Sullivan’s “Global Network Access Control Market, Forecast to 2024” indicates that Network Access Control (NAC) has become an important element in the development of Zero Trust Networks (ZTN) as it provides visibility, monitoring, and control at the network access layer.

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