Network Visibility and Access Control In the Era of Cloud Adoption

Controlling endpoints directly, including restricting permissions or full quarantine, has become more imperative as Cloud adoption increases. With Gartner predicting Cloud Services spending to be $332 billion in 2021 (up 23% from last year) and over $397 billion in 2022, it is apparent that hesitancy to move to the Cloud is significantly less than in previous years. What does this mean for network security and endpoint security?

As traditional network perimeters disappear, using the corporate network as an enforcement point is no longer always a viable solution. Traditional Quarantine VLANs or legacy network equipment ACLs are simply not applicable in Cloud environments. When the only two components left are the endpoint and the Cloud, simple mechanics dictate that enforcement must take place on one or the other. While some CSPs provide static security mechanisms, many lack the ability to be dynamically applied based on your desired security policies. Additionally, methods vary between Cloud Server Providers (CSPs) making initial configuration and ongoing management difficult and time-consuming. These undeniable facts propel Cloud Visibility and Control to the forefront of any security solution chosen to protect resources in the Cloud. Not only from users and devices connecting to the Cloud remotely but from other IP-Enabled devices (or nodes) within the Cloud environment.

Discover how Genian Zero Trust NAC rises to the occasion to meet these significant challenges:

  • Built-In Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Capabilities (Terraform Integration)
  • Visibility of all IP-Enabled Devices (Nodes) in Your Cloud(s)
  • Control of Nodes in a Multi-Cloud, Multi-CSP Environment
  • Securing Cloud Resources from Remote Users
  • Verify Remote User Endpoint Compliance

Why NAC? Why Genians?

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Evolution of NAC

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NAC Architecture Comparision

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Best NAC Deployment Plan

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NAC 101

Learn the basic concept of Next-Gen NAC to secure all network access from Core to edge network seamlessly. 

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