Securing The Network Edge Quickly and Accurately

The most critical cybersecurity issues occur at the network edge, but monitoring and controlling all activities at the network edge are far from simple due to evolving networks and new business demands resulting from BYOD, IoT, Work From Home (WFH) initiatives. To counter these challenges, Genians NAC empowered by Device Platform Intelligence (DPI) enables customers to enhance their cybersecurity capabilities by surveilling all IP-enabled devices in real-time and controlling their network access productively.

Why is Securing the Network Edge So important?

  • The focal point of IT investment and business productivity
  • Critical data being generated via various network-enabled devices at the edge
  • Major cybersecurity challenges and lucrative target by hackers
  • Cybersecurity compliance and risk assessments

Key features to secure the Network Edge

Critical features

Network Edge Environment Support

  • Pragmatic implementation (Network Visibility ➤ Policy Enforcement ➤ IT Security Automation)
  • Contactless deployment options
  • Low-complexity and seamless integration with 3rd party systems
  • Cloud management in public, private, or hybrid environments
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