What We Learned from Educause 2022

Thank you for joining us for Educause 2022. Team Genians was pleased to see so many attendees come out in person to this event, many returning to live conferencing for the first time, and discovering the best way to navigate the “new normal” at the intersection of education and technology. While many new solutions have been introduced over the past few years, the need for achieving more solid and secure IT and network infrastructure has never been greater. Indeed, reflecting perspectives gained during the pandemic, the “EDUCAUSE 2023 Top 10 IT Issues” list ranks the“Privacy and Cybersecurity 101” the #2 issue for the committee overall. Over the course of the conference, we also met a good number of people who have simply become overwhelmed by the array of security options available in the marketplace. This led to many practical conversations aimed at helping organizations solve their fundamental and persistent cybersecurity challenges.

Things have changed, but don't forget the basics!

The pandemic has dramatically accelerated the speed of digital transformation, as distributed network resources and remote access anywhere have together changed the IT security paradigm. Some now find it difficult just figuring out where to get started in fortifying their network environments with so many new buzzwords and concepts like Zero Trust and related prescriptions now flooding the market. At Genians, we believe it’s critical to attend to such fundamental questions as:

  • Do you have clear visibility into all your connected devices along with associated users and IT assets?
  • Can you secure every single connecting point from endpoint to IT resources?
  • Are your current cybersecurity and IT solutions working effectively with each other?

Without having clear answers to these questions, you are very much building a castle in the sand on the network security management front. Team Genians is here to share our solutions on how to approach this critical subject more effectively using Genians’ cybersecurity platform, which provides not only Device Platform Intelligence, but Network Access Control and Zero Trust Network Access. Prospective customers are happy to hear that they can cover the following use cases using Genians’ one single solution.

  • View all IP-enabled devices in their IT/OT infrastructure (What, Who, When, Where, How) and correlate all contextual data to become actionable intelligence for secure access
  • Manage user & device authentication (AD, SAML 2.0, RDBMS, MFA Google G-Suite. FIDO 2)
  • Manage IP addresses more efficiently and securely
  • Manage endpoint compliance: Windows Updates, Anti-virus, USB drive access, and Applications (e.g. P2P, Chat, Game, Streaming services, etc.)
  • Detect and control any unknown, rogue, transient, and misconfigured devices 
  • Detect any status changes against compliance policies in real time
  • Log all activities as part of the audit trail
  • Automate IT security and operations processes seamlessly (Break down the Cybersecurity Silos)

Zero Trust is no longer mere hype with Genians

Educause attendees also discovered that the most practical way to support their Zero Trust initiatives is through orchestrating the following technologies and services:
  • Comprehensive Network Observability using Device Platform Intelligence and Traffic Flow Analysis
  • Micro-segmentation and least access control.
  • Biometric (FIDO) Network Access Control
  • Continuous Enforcement using ARP, 802.1X (RADIUS), Cloud Gateway, and Agent
  • Actionable Compliance (PCI, HIPAA, NIST, ISO 27002)
  • Secure Remote Access Anytime, Anywhere
  • Risk Posture Measurement and Ongoing Monitoring.

Secure First, Worry Less about Budgets and Infra Changes

At the same time, attendees learned that they can take advantage of all Zero Trust features with less worrying about budgets and infrastructural changes since Genians can provide flexible deployment and subscription options, turning CAPEX into OPEX.

Get started Now (No Sales call hassles)

Overall, we were glad to be able to provide guidance with Genians proven technology and experience at Educause ‘22. The majority of customers are able to get started without going through unnecessary sales calls and paperwork. You can experience this too: just visit Genians website to fire up a free trial and gain access to all the documentation and videos needed to get started, along with free online chat powered by Slack to clear out any questions. Of course, it’s all free, with no obligations, and no hidden gimmicks. Get started now to discover the answers to your fundamental Zero Trust and cyber defense questions.

Why NAC? Why Genians?

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Evolution of NAC

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NAC Architecture Comparision

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Best NAC Deployment Plan

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NAC 101

Learn the basic concept of Next-Gen NAC to secure all network access from Core to edge network seamlessly. 

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