Genians helps National Air Force enhance their endpoint security and compliance

With Genians, the Air Force locks down unknown, rogue, and misconfigured endpoints


Under the South Korean Ministry of National Defense, the nation’s Air Force operates with the most advanced computing sensors, weapons, vehicles, and aircraft equipped with connected device platforms across all Air Force Operations Commands. Like all branches of the military, the Air Force needs to manage various types of connected devices and secure all IT assets against cyber threats. They need to enhance their network visibility and maintain endpoint compliance at the highest levels at all times. Thus, the Air Force sought a more comprehensive NAC solution to address the following challenges in particular:

  • Lack of endpoint visibility for all IP-enabled devices (wired and wireless) and detection of all endpoints moving from intranet to internet or vice versa without proper permission.
  • Insufficient patch and antivirus management causing endpoint security and compliance issues
  • IT security silos among existing cybersecurity solutions
  • Ineffective ways to monitor and control the lifecycle of endpoints whether connected or disconnected.


Genians helped the Air Force effectively detect, deter, protect, and report on any connected devices in real-time without disturbing operations:

  • Providing a 360º “bird’s-eye view” for any IP-enabled devices in real-time via Genians’ non-disruptive sensing technology
  • Increasing the level of device detection accuracy by Genians’ Device Platform Intelligence (DPI), without employing an agent, and easily correlating contextual data to improve security policies. This results in:
    • The most accurate device platform identity
    • Contextual access information (Who, What, Where, When, How)
    • Business context info related to device (e.g. EOL, EOS, Manufacturer Info)
    • Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) for each detected device
    • Anomalies identified from inside the network
  • Enhancement of IP address management features, such as:
    • Managing static IP/MAC addresses
    • Preventing IP conflicts
    • Provisioning IP addressing via an on-demand service
  • Logs all connectivity information including IP/MAC and user name in real time
  • Installs and maintains all required software and patches right on time
  • Controls peripheral devices like USB and Bluetooth devices’ access
  • Ensures proper Windows security settings
  • Blocks unknown, unauthorized, insecure, rogue devices proactively and quarantines them immediately before remediating via an intuitive guide to become compliant
  • Provides a complete audit trail for all IP-enabled devices to demonstrate compliance and generate audit reports
  • Enhances the full IT security policy framework


The South Korean Air Force provides enhanced monitoring, evaluation, and maintenance of all connected devices, using the correct policies and procedures needed to protect military staff, networks, and IT assets by leveraging Genians’ Next-Gen NAC capabilities. This military branch saves cost and effort by maintaining endpoint compliance at the highest levels by reducing the complexity of their NAC deployment.

Picture of Yeonju Lee

Yeonju Lee

Yeonju has worked in the cybersecurity business (NAC, E-DLP, Antivirus) for over 10 years, focusing on technical writing, sales engineering, and professional services in the global market. In her current position, she is responsible for promoting Genians NAC to the global market by collaborating with our business partners in the APAC market.

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