Genians helps world’s largest shipbuilder become more secure

With Genians, the largest shipbuilding enterprise in the world now maintains consistent cybersecurity policy management, enforcement, remediation, and auditing to secure their internal network resources

Background & Requirements

The world’s largest shipbuilding company was experiencing challenges in viewing and controlling all aspects of their global enterprise network infrastructure. Even though the company had a network access control (NAC) system in place, it provided inadequate network visibility and control. This adversely impacted efficient network management and even caused the loss of sensitive company data as a result of cyber espionage. As well, the company experienced interoperability issues between this system and other key infrastructure management platforms. It therefore sought to replace its legacy NAC platform to enhance visibility, control, and manageability across its entire IT network infrastructure. Their specific requirements were:

  • Complete visibility and consistent security policy enforcement for all branches
  • Comprehensive IP Address management (Static, Dynamic)
  • Authentication, Role-based access
  • Integration with ERP solution

Genian NAC enables the company Security Enforcement

  • Provides network surveillance to identify and classify all IP-enabled devices automatically
  • Enforces consistent security policies to all branches effectively
  • Blocks unauthorized, insecure, rogue devices proactively from IT/OT networks
  • Manages IP addresses efficiently using built-in DHCP and IPAM features
  • Provides a safe and secure onboarding process for Guest and BYOD scenarios
  • Supports network and traffic separation
  • Integrates with HR database, SSO Authentication, & Log management solutions

Genian NAC Benefits

The company now possesses vastly improved visibility and control for their entire IT network infrastructure, including all IP-enabled devices and any change in status, users, IT assets, network connectivity, and more. Genian NAC further ensures that all network components are operating at the highest level of security and compliance by enforcing consistent policy application. Since Genian NAC works as a core solution communicating with the company security and business solutions, it increases overall productivity and provides a consistent user experience, no matter what, how, when, or where devices are connected to your network.

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