Genians secures the largest medical institution in South Korea without disturbing operations

With Genians, this medical complex gains comprehensive network surveillance and more secure access control for various types of endpoints and users


The hospital system, whose 8,000+ employees care for more than 15,000 patients daily, is comprised of 8 campuses, including medical schools, across the country. With doctors, patients, medical staff, contractors, and visitors working in a highly dynamic environment, using a wide range of medical devices, a very high level of security is required to ensure protection and confidentiality of patient information. At all times, the hospital must be ready to address and resolve potentially major cybersecurity challenges without disturbing its critical, day-to-day operations.

The hospital therefore sought a versatile NAC solution to address the following challenges:

  • Lack of mobile device and endusers’ visibility across all campus environments
  • Ineffective user authentication processes
  • Inappropriate network access to sensitive intranet systems
  • Insufficient patch and antivirus management


Genians enables the hospital to provide a secure user authentication and authorization process by acquiring complete visibility and integrating seamlessly with the hospital intranet system. The Genians solution:

  • Provides a 360º “bird’s-eye view” for all IP-enabled devices in real-time via Genians’ non-disruptive sensing technology
  • Instantly classifies various devices types (Doctors’ tablets, nurses’ laptops, medical devices, visitors devices, etc.)
  • Consolidates multiples authentication methods (Web-based, Agent-based) via a comprehensive single-sign method that provides role-based access
  • Installs and maintains all required software and patches right on time
  • Provides a safe and secure onboarding process for Guest and BYOD scenarios
  • Blocks unknown, unauthorized, insecure, rogue devices proactively and isolates them from the hospital networks
  • Detects and controls anomalies such as ARP bombing, MAC/IP Cloning, and Port Scanning
  • Quarantines and remediates non-compliant or compromised devices by integrating with existing security solutions like firewall and SIEM solutions
  • Provides a complete audit trail for all IP-enabled devices to demonstrate compliance and generate audit reports


By employing Genian NAC, the hospital systems gained a comprehensive network surveillance capability, allowing it to monitor the entire IT network infrastructure, including all IP-enabled devices, and to detect any status changes in devices, users, IT assets (installed hardware and software), network connectivity, vulnerabilities, and more. Genians allows the hospital to correlate all gathered data from the network and turn it into actionable intelligence to support the hospital’s regulatory compliance needs. Genians provides a centralized and intuitive management interface by simplifying the complexity of managing critical user/device authentication and achieving full integration with existing systems. The hospital is now able to ensure the highest levels of systems security, availability, and regulatory compliance.

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