South Korea’s largest telecommunication company enhances endpoint security and compliance with Genians’ Next-Gen NAC capabilities

The carrier gains extended intelligence and access control for endpoints


This carrier established a nationwide, first in the world LTE network and continues to develop advanced telecommunications services for the marketplace, including 5G and IoT services in South Korea. With the need to provide increasingly rich telecommunications capabilities in the most secure manner possible, the carrier needs to enhance their visibility into edge networks to ensure the highest levels of endpoint security, availability, and regulatory compliance. The carrier has 12 IDC centers and 30,000 nodes to be managed across the country. As a result, they receive a steady stream of moment-by-moment network access requests from employees, contractors, partners, and customers alike. Their existing solutions, however, could not manage these requests effectively and securely; accordingly, the carrier sought a more comprehensive NAC solution to address the following challenges in particular:

  • IT security silos among existing cybersecurity solutions
  • Lack of endpoint visibility for all IP-enabled devices (wired and wireless)
  • Ineffective user authentication process and IP address management
  • Insufficient patch and antivirus management causing endpoint security and endpoint compliance issues


Genians provides the carrier with the most comprehensive Network Access Control (NAC) solutions to provide end-to-end visibility and secure access control. Genians also provides the most essential IT management solutions, such as IPAM, Endpoint Configuration Management, Switch Port Management, WLAN security, and BYOD right out of the box. Genians also allows the carrier to:

  • Remove silos by replacing their multiple legacy IT security solutions and integrating with other solutions seamlessly
  • Provide a 360º “bird’s-eye view” for all IP-enabled devices in real-time by Genians non-disruptive sensing technology
  • Increase the level of device detection accuracy by Genians’ Device Platform Intelligence (DPI) without and agent and to easily correlate contextual data to improve security policies, providing:
    • The most accurate device platform identity
    • Contextual access information (Who, What, Where, When, How)
    • Business context info related to device (e.g. EOL, EOS, Manufacturer Info)
    • Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) for each detected device
    • Anomalies from inside the network
  • Enhance IP address management features, such as:
    • Managing static IP/MAC addresses
    • Preventing IP conflicts
    • Provisioning IP addressing via an on-demand service
  • Consolidate user authentication for wired and wireless access
  • Install and maintain all required software and patches right on time
  • Control peripheral devices such as USB and Bluetooth access
  • Ensure Windows security settings
  • Provide a safe and secure onboarding process for Guest and BYOD scenarios
  • Blocs unknown, unauthorized, insecure, rogue devices proactively and isolate them from the hotel networks
  • Provide a complete audit trail for all IP-enabled devices to demonstrate compliance and generate audit reports


The carrier is now able to derive intelligence from its network edges and enrich the profiling of all devices associated with users, data, applications, and services for granular policy management and dynamic access control more effectively. Because Genians provides the most essential IT management features for the network edge, the carrier can save cost and effort required to maintain endpoint compliance at the highest level.

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