Genians and RAS Infotech Team Up Again to Highlight Next-Gen NAC at GITEX 2019

Meet Genians’ Next-Gen Network Access Control solution at GITEX 2019

North Andover, Mass. – October 02, 2019 – Genians, the industry leader of Next-Gen Network Access Control (NAC) solutions, announced today it will be attending GITEX in Dubai on Oct 6 – 9, 2019, in concert with its partner RAS Infotech, the fastest-growing Value-Added Distributor (VAD) in the Middle East market. With greater demands being placed on Next-Gen NAC capabilities as a result of increasing BYOD/IoT initiatives in the Middle East market, Genians will be participating in this event for the second year in a row.

Securing the Network Edge is the key to cybersecurity in the Cloud/IoT era

Digital transformation efforts have dramatically changed the nature of today’s enterprise IT environments. Many IT workloads are being migrated to the cloud, where people can access them from various endpoint devices on the network edge. The edge has thus become a prominent target for cybercriminals. How can we fundamentally secure access at the edge? Traditional approaches, such as device fingerprinting, 802.1x, and switch integration are no longer sufficient to meet the demands of the IoT era. As devices become increasingly varied and network access occurs both anytime and anywhere, we need to monitor these devices in real-time without disturbing network operations.

Since 2005, Genians has provided the most efficient way to achieve the ultimate goal of fully-secure access by leveraging Device Platform Intelligence (DPI), which correlates the technology, business, and risk context information of all IP-enabled devices both efficiently and economically.

Next-Gen NAC for your Business

Importantly, Genians’ solution is affordable for any size business, without requiring the need to worry about dependencies involving existing IT infrastructure, maintenance, or budget. Network operators can easily detect and respond to any non-compliant or compromised devices in real-time. Also, the Genians solution can enhance zero-trust adoption by leveraging micro-segmentation and granular policy enforcement.

“More advanced and affordable ways of identifying, classifying, and controlling any type of connected device in real-time has become the major focus for keeping networks operating at the highest level of security compliance. Genians has been providing the best solution for my customers,” said RAS Infotech CEO Akram Khazi.

“The future is here now,” says Genians’ CTO Kyeyeon Kim. “We have already seen so many solutions aimed at mitigating today’s cybersecurity challenges, but none of them can answer the simplest questions clearly, such as: what is on my network, how is it being accessed, and where are all devices attempting to connect located? We need to consider this matter more fundamentally; securing the edge empowered by Device Platform Intelligence is a great start.”

Genians and RAS Infotech will showcase the Next-Gen NAC solution at Booth SR-D1, Sheikh Rashid Hall. Attendees may stop by the booth to learn more about the solution and view a demo. A free trial is also available at

About RAS Infotech

RAS Infotech Limited, Dubai, was established in 2000 with its office in Dubai Internet City with the sole objective of providing complete Network Security and Network Management Solutions for the Middle East. In the 15+ years since its founding, RAS has won more than 1,000 satisfied clients. It is to the credit of its sales and support teams and consulting professionals that these clients have renewed their faith in RAS year after year.

About Genians

Over 14 years, Genians (KOSDAQ: 263860) delivers the industry’s leading Next-Gen Network Access Control solution, which surveils all connected devices holistically and ensures they are operating at the highest levels of security and compliance. Genians secures millions of various endpoints in organizations of all sizes and industries, including global Fortune 500 companies, the government, the military, energy, finance, healthcare, education, and more. Genians keeps working to build a better security culture in the connected world by teaming up with community and industry leaders around the world.

Why NAC? Why Genians?

Frost & Sullivan’s “Global Network Access Control Market, Forecast to 2024” indicates that Network Access Control (NAC) has become an important element in the development of Zero Trust Networks (ZTN) as it provides visibility, monitoring, and control at the network access layer.

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