Network Access Control (NAC) Buyer's Guide 2020

Choose the right NAC for your business Needs

Next-Gen NAC should enable you to

Get end-to-end visibility and insights from your network to endpoints

Discover all detected devices’ business contextual and risk-related information along with their technical information without disturbing existing network infrastructure.

Wide and deep visibility for

  • Known/unknown, managed/unmanaged, BYOD, transient, rouge, and misconfigured devices
  • Wired, wireless, virtual networks
  • Headquarters and remote sites.

Correlation and Contextual Information

  • The most accurate device platform information
  • User’s information
  • History of network connectivity (IP/MAC, SSID)
  • Compliance status
  • End of life (EoL), End of support (EoS), Manufacturer business status 
  • Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) 

Genian NAC can monitor IP-enabled devices on your network in real-time using a non-disruptive Layer 2 based Network Sensor and classifies those devices and their users into logical groups based on your business requirements. Also, Genian NAC incorporated with Device Platform Intelligence (DPI) can present the most accurate device identity, its contextual, and its risk information in order to enhance network visibility and secure network access for the IoT era.

Sustain the highest level of security compliance by automating IT security

With the result of comprehensive visibility, You can ensure compliance from all connected devices by leveraging Virtual In-Line Packet Inspection which operates at Layer 2, which can complete control over endpoint device traffic over TCP, UDP by eliminating the need for complex configurations and network changes.

Dynamic Network Access Control

Genian NAC leverages multiple techniques to enforce IT security policies dynamically using contextual information (What, Who, When, Where, How) to quarantine any non-compliant devices and remediate them to be compliant through automated processes.

  • 802.1x: Built-in RADIUS server
  • DHCP: Built-in DHCP server
  • Layer 2: ARP Enforcement (using Network Sensor)
  • Layer 3: TCP reset (using Mirror/SPAN Sensor)
  • Layer 3: Inline Enforcement (Dual-homed Gateway)
  • Agent: NIC/Power Control, Alert Popup

Cybersecurity Orchestration

Integrates a wide range of IT security and business solutions (Firewall, VPN, IDS/IPS, VM, MDM, SIEM, APT, DLP, CRM/ERP, etc.) to ensure unified policy enforcement. Genian NAC supports custom integration using Webhook, REST API, and Syslog.

Genians listed in Gartner Market Guide For NAC as well as Frost & Sullivan Global Network Access Control Market, Forecast to 2024

Bye Legacy NAC. Hello Next-Gen NAC!

Less Touch, Great Results!

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NAC Architecture considerations

NAC Architecture

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