What we learned from RSAC 2020

Clearly, this year’s RSAC attendance was impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. Even so, the event serves to remind us of the power we have to fundamentally reshape our lives and working environments to ensure greater safety and security, both in the physical and cyber worlds. During RSAC, we had many opportunities to discuss with attendees the fundamental issues occurring at the network edge. Genians always welcomes the opportunity to share our proven technology and experience on how to approach this critical subject more effectively and economically using Genians Next-Gen Network Access Control (NAC) solutions.

With regard to securing the edge, what we heard consistently from our visitors called out the following items in particular:

  • Via passive scanning (without disturbing ongoing IT operations), the need is to identify all IP-enabled devices (the what, who, when, where, and how) in their evolving networks, and to then correlate all contextual data so that it becomes actionable intelligence to enforce secure access
  • Authentication, authorization, and management of new devices and users (Wired, Wireless)
  • Control of unknown, rogue, transient, and misconfigured devices
  • Management of IP addresses more efficiently (IP/MAC address control)
  • Management of endpoint compliance: Windows Updates, Windows Tools (e.g. Personal Firewall, Screen Lock, etc.), Anti-virus/malware, USB drive access, and Applications
  • Detection of any status changes against compliance policies in real-time
  • Logging of all activities as part of the audit trail
  • Automation of IT security and operations by removing silos among other security products.

Many were therefore happy to speak with us as Genians’ Next-Gen NAC capabilities empowered by Device Platform Intelligence (DPI) can address these concerns. In today’s highly challenging cyber-threat environment, we have to reshape the foundation of the cybersecurity framework – Genians can help.

Going forward, we hope to learn more about your challenges in particular and discuss what Genians can do for you. 

Why NAC? Why Genians?

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Evolution of NAC

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NAC Architecture Comparision

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Best NAC Deployment Plan

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NAC 101

Learn the basic concept of Next-Gen NAC to secure all network access from Core to edge network seamlessly. 

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