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Identify and Mitigate High Risk Port Vulnerabilities

Genian NAC provides real-time open Port Awareness, a means to quickly and easily block a node from network access, the ability to monitor any time a new device with High Risk ports enabled connects to the network and built-in reporting so Admins can mitigate the risk in a timely manner.

Next-Gen NAC with 128T Session Smart Routing Technology Infuses Enhanced Security into Network Edges & Endpoints

Genians’ Next-Gen Network Access Control (NAC) combined with the 128 Technology Session Smart™ Router delivers a secure, software-defined network fabric and an enhanced cybersecurity stack to provide end-to-end visibility and access control across routers, while maintaining fast and reliable network services. Service-centric Networking with Zero Trust Security Baked-in The 128 Technology software-based networking solution is [...]

Next-Gen NAC with AI-Based SIEM for Managed Security Service Providers

Genians’ Next-Gen Network Access Control (NAC) powered by Seceon’s AI-based SIEM delivers an enhanced cybersecurity stack to provide actionable intelligence for Enterprise IT infrastructure and mitigate cybersecurity threats in real-time. This stack empowers Enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSP, MSSP, MDR) to secure users, hosts, applications, Network & IT Infrastructure, ensuring a baseline for security [...]

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Achieving Government Cybersecurity Compliance – NIST

Over the past few years, there has been much attention paid in the technology security trade press to the need for companies to become “NIST SP 800-171 Compliant.” Much of this has focused on the need for compliance to be achieved by the end of December 2017. However, with the deadline now 6 months behind [...]

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The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats are Coming from Inside

Whether your organization is a business or involved in government, one of the highest cost scenarios is when there is a security event that originates with an inside source like an employee or contractor. That’s because these people often have unfettered access to the most sensitive information while not being able to be properly tracked. [...]

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Protect Your Network by Identifying Rogue Access Point

Ask any kind of IT professional what their greatest challenge is and they will probably answer with “uncertainty.” Uncertainty can be caused by many things. Predicting employee behavior is nearly impossible. Often times, the biggest security vulnerabilities are caused by someone inside the firm who meant well, but implemented a solution without understanding the risks [...]

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