Protecting Remote Workers safe secure

COVID-19 & Cybersecurity

At this unprecedented time, team Genians is sharing the most practical ways to protect your remote workers by leveraging Genians Next-Gen NAC.

Less touch, Greater Results

Genians delivers a Sensor-based Network Access Control solution that provides full visibility and dynamic access control for securing the edges of your network without requiring any changes to your IT Security infrastructure.

It is literally a “Plug and Play” product, which makes it easy to deploy – a happy thing for both Network and Security Administrators alike.

Genians delivers an enterprise-grade Network Access Control (NAC) solution by leveraging Cloud technology for businesses of all sizes, including SME’s that struggle with cybersecurity challenges and budget issues. Now, let’s find the best way to protect your remote sites.

Securing remote workers from cyber threats

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No matter what, where, and when, we need to secure all connected devices. Genians can present the most practical way to increase network visibility, including remote locations, and protect all remote workers from cyber threats to ensure systems availability is maintained throughout the difficult period ahead.

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Learn how to control insecure Apps in distributed VPN environments.

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We as Genians always work together with customers, partners, vendors, and communities to sustain our safety from the threats posed by an unpredictable world. And our next-gen NAC solutions can be working as a communication platform to turn things around. So journey with us.

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Team Genians works continuously with you to ensure a healthy operational network lifecycle by connecting People to Things, Things to Things, and People to People, all the while maintaining your network’s security and ensuring your business success.

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